Brisbane divorce lawyer will support you legally and emotionally

Separation and divorce is a major life turning point not only in a couple’s life but in the life of every family member. Separation is when partners stop living together in a relationship, whereas divorce is bringing an end to a marriage in a legal way. Either one or both the partners can apply for the divorce. Well, whatever might be the case but the grim reality is a relationship which could have been long lasting will come to an end in both the cases.

When a de facto relationship or marriage shatters, the partners need to resolve many issues, they need to take decisions related to the following types of matters: –

  • In case the couple has a child, then who will get the custody?
  • How much time will mother and father be able to spend with the child?
  • Decisions related to the child will be made by whom and how?
  • How will property settlement take place?
  • In the absence of the breadwinner, how the spouse and child will manage financially?

The above mentioned and other such issues don’t get settle along with the settlement of separation or divorce. In order to finalize these matters, a separate application has to be made.

People are often in the state of unawareness whether to seek legal advice or not, and the best decision is to take the professional’s advice. If you are worried about the money, then it should not become a roadblock between your problem and solution. New Way Lawyers, Australia’s first non-profit law firm, will render you the legal service on family law matters at an affordable price because for them people are supreme and profit holds no account.

New Way Lawyers have a team of professional attorneys and lawyers who are experienced, committed to their work, have absolute understanding of the Australia Family Law Act and have requisite communication skills. They will provide you with the perfect options to choose from or might suggest you the ultimate and best option. They will help you by giving practical advice on how an application can be related to the issue; they will help you in drafting divorce application and representing you at the time of divorce hearing. However, at New Way, attorneys try to resolve the issue through out of court settlement because it saves both money and time.

These decisions are important, and single negligibility can compel you to bear heavy consequences.  Therefore, it is recommended to seek the guidance of the Brisbane divorce lawyer, either before separation or after separation or when you are sure about the divorce so that you make an informed decision. These are experts in their field and will not only suggest you the best but also tell you about your rights and responsibilities.

New Way lawyers is here to provide Family law legal services to poor and low-income people, who cannot afford private attorneys or lawyers. The firm is open to both i.e. out of court settlements and representation in court. If you have any queries pertaining to the services, call at the firm, drop them a email and put an end to all your issues  and have them resolved.