Complete Guide to Contested/Uncontested Divorce In Singapore

Contested/Uncontested Divorce

Any divorce process can be messy. It can be contested or uncontested. If you are not sure what you have and you don’t know how to handle the situation that your marriage is in right now, then it is best that you work with a divorce lawyer.Unsure of how long a contested divorce in Singapore may take? Also, read below to learn a little bit more about contested/uncontested divorce.

All About Uncontested Divorce

These cases are pretty simple and they are not as messy as a contested divorce. This is when both parties are agreeable to the divorce including all the issues involved. Still, an agreement must be reached before your lawyer can submit the divorce papers. These will then be forwarded to the Family Court. The Interim Judgment for an uncontested divorce will be obtained in as fast as four weeks.

All About Contested Divorce

A divorce is ‘contested’ if both the husband and wife have disagreements on the divorce. This may involve property division and the custody of their children. In Singapore, the majority of the contested divorce cases are being settled, thanks to the Family Court. It plays a huge role in encouraging both parties to settle. Unsure of how long a contested divorce in Singapore may take? Talk to your divorce lawyer to learn more about the timeframe.  But usually, these take a long time and will also cost more money compared to an uncontested divorce.

uncontested divorce

Importance of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

In a contested divorce, it is very important that you work with the best lawyer in Singapore. It will be pointless to argue with your spouse if they are not willing to listen and understand the situation. In fact, even with an uncontested divorce, it is still best to hire one for your benefit.

The lawyer would be able to discuss with you what you should expect during the process. They can also advise you on what you are entitled to do, what your obligations will be, and also help you reach a fair agreement. So never think about filing for an uncontested divorce if you have not chosen a lawyer that you trust. Remember that this might be the key to helping you achieve an agreement.


A divorce is not going to be easy, even in a contested situation. That is why most people who are looking to legally separate from their spouse choose to hire and work with a divorce lawyer. If you have finally decided to divorce, if you feel that this is the right decision to make for you and your family, then go ahead and start talking to the best divorce lawyer in Singapore.