Do I need a family lawyer to draft my family court consent orders?

family court

Following mentioned are some of the steps which you can follow to obtain familycourt consent orders:

  • You need to have a family case expert lawyer who helps you make sure that the agreement you have been into with your ex-spouse is now enforceable. You need to search for the lawyer who is experienced in his field. He must be able to draft an application for the consent. This consent is important to deter your ex-spouse from contravening the agreement as to the consent to in that situation would be enforced legally.
  • If you have an experienced and a well-reputed family lawyer, more are the chances that he will advise you in a better manner for the agreement. Moreover, he will guide you throughout in all the issues and problems which might be there in the agreement.
  • In case if you have anunconsented informal agreement and you also haven’t filed the application for the consent to the court, you can then formalize your agreement in two main ways.
  • If you have some financial issues in your family matters, once after who have broken down the relationship, you need to look for Consent Orders then rather than the BFAs.
  • The reason for referring you for the consent orders is that they are much more effective and they are better to be used in the long term. There are some other situations too in which parties with their mutual consent do certain agreements and then there is no room left for future negotiations.

Following mentioned is the description of the process for court orders:

family court

Application and drafting the orders

The agreement which you have made between you and your ex-partner is regarded to be an essence for the court consent order. However you would need an application with the agreement to apply for the orders.

For the application of the consent orders you would need an enough amount of information and disclosure from both the parties involved. As this would be your first time to ask for such orders so you have to provide the court with some basic information along with your application for the order. The application should satisfy the following situations to the court:

  • Equitable and just amount for financial issues and for property as well.
  • If the couple has a child, the court orders would be in the best interests of the child.

How to make sure that you are eligible?

You need to ensure the following conditions to prove yourself eligible:

  • The application should be lodged within the legal frames that are normally within 12 months of having divorced.
  • Both the parties must have their mutual agreement for the Orders.

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