Ease Up The Unpleasant Process Of Divorce By Hiring One of The San Antonio Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is an unfortunate event and results in a lot of frustration and stress. But it cannot be overlooked if it is inescapable. If a divorce with your spouse is confirmed to happen, then you need to have a divorce attorney. There are several good San Antonio divorce lawyers to choose from. There are certain cases when you may not need a lawyer but in desperate measures, an attorney becomes necessary for you.

When do you need an attorney

There are certain issues and cases when a divorce attorney is important. In case of domestic abuse or any kind of violence from your partner’s side, it is recommended for your safety that you hire an attorney. The lawyer will not only help you stay safe but also work extensively to get you justice.

In the case of divorce, custody of a child is an important issue. An attorney will study the case and fight in the court so that you can get the custody of your child. If your child isn’t safe with your spouse, you don’t want your precious to go to the wrong house.

An attorney also plays an important part in property distribution. If you are wronged by your spouse, getting their assets along with safety is always great. And if you are not in a condition to financially support yourself for days to come, this is the best way to make your life easier for upcoming years.

What is your role in all of this?

Just because you have hired one of the San Antonio divorce lawyers, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. You have to be there with your lawyer at every step of the process until the case is completed.

You have to gather all the evidence against your spouse and put forward your pleadings, problems, and later demands. In case your spouse has also hired a lawyer as the prosecution, you will definitely need to be present at the court hearing to listen to their pleading and present your counter.

Joint representation

There is no law where you and your partner can use the same attorney but a joint representation is allowed when:

  • Both of you agree on the major issues and are confident enough to resolve the minor issues yourself
  • If you understand that the divorce attorney cannot represent you at every stage and agree for the representation in writing
  • In case all the issues are resolved and all you need to do is file paperwork, then joint representation is an easier and economical way.

Divorce is an unpleasant business but in many cases is inevitable. Hiring one of the San Antoniodivorce lawyers can be immensely helpful, speeding up the process and getting justice( in case you are wronged).