Escape from the pain and injury of workplace

Insurance doesn’t always pay for your recovery of the injury at work. Workers compensation is something that we deal with.  We take workers comp clients and comp cases. Since the time of our establishment, we have immense experience in this field to win more for our customers. Along with the stuff, we believe in ‘honest law.’ It means that we treat you with solid case structure and provide you with the truth to make your life better. If any of your members get hurt during the work hours and is fighting with the insurance companies for compensation, then get in touch with us as soon as possible to get a schedule of free case evaluation and get a idaho workmans comp lawyer.

Davis and Sanchez work experience

Our lawyers are one of Idaho’s most experienced and have worked for a hundred of people who are frustrated over a long time. They have helped customers with a varied range of accident circumstances and a wide variety of injuries. The Davis and Sanchez assure you a peace of mind and deals with the cases with steady and caring hands.

We significantly deal with workers compensation

We have idaho workmans comp lawyer who practices in a lot of areas of law risks.  When a human’s life and livelihood are on edge, a mistake is simply you cannot afford. We have dedicated specialists, are prepared to provide you the attention and care you expect.

Trustworthy settlements to rely on

Davis and Sanchez have the popularity for appropriate solutions for the people. We file a lawsuit rather than waiting and delaying for slow adjusters, that aren’t good for you. 80 percent of our cases are dealt without including the court affairs. We also have the good record of winning cases in the court too.

The need to hire a workers compensation lawyer

You’re able to deal with the employee’s comp case. But the process is tiring and complicated on purpose.  An attorney fights these issues for you so that you can be problem free, and your money is properly utilized. With consulting us, you’ll be able to decide on the need of hiring a lawyer.

Be sure of that the injury is work-related

The worker’s compensation claim works only if the injury is work related.  People are shocked many times because their employer doesn’t count the injuries as work-related. It does not disqualify your chances to get compensation if you are injured because you went beyond the safety rules. There are, of course, exceptions such as self-inflicted injuries, but that doesn’t necessarily devoid you of getting a work compensation. Most illness and diseases happened during the work hours are uneasy to prove. Environmental conditions are exceptions as well as the lung diseases caused by the transparencies to coal dust and asbestos.

Conditions that are pre-existing

Another speculation people make is that enhancing of a pre-existing situation at work doesn’t count as a workers compensation claim. If you hurt your knee and are doing a new job after healing and then slip on water or anything and regain that injury, you are eligible for workers compensation. Contact us to get the best treatment and solution regarding your work injuries.