Getting divorced? Here’s what you need to know about your divorce lawyer

Tying the knot has always been seen as an important milestone of adult life – for many people even a target or a goal. But in today’s world it does not seem so important. At a global level, the rate of divorces is on the rise[1]. If in the year 2000 almost 35% of couples were getting divorced, nowadays that number has reached 44%, around the world. As sad as those news are for the fairytale-soulmate believers, it comes as great business for some people, such as divorce lawyers.

As of this month, the average pay for a divorce lawyer is over $70,000 annually, this translates to almost $80 for every hour you sit in that room and discuss private aspects of your life and try to put a plan together on what would be a proper way to proceed[2]. Regardless of how ‘soft’ the separation was or how muddy, it is useful to know a couple of things.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is essential

We have all seen those movies where each party tries to find a ‘shark’ lawyer to get the most out of the divorce. But that is not always the case. Every situation is different and one should always bear in mind what’s best for themselves. It is important to research first and make a short list. This person will be by your side for one of the most stressful experiences you may encounter in your life so it is crucial that you find someone you can rely on and also be able to build a strong relationship with.

Listen to the legal advice you receive

If you trusted yourself to make a decision regarding your marriage and who will represent you, it is equally important to listen to the legal advice the lawyer gives you. They are professionals who have been specifically trained and schooled to deal with situations like yours, sometimes the right thing to do for you might not feel like it. Count the emotional baggage in and the doubt which is just human nature, and it can be quite obvious how one might be inclined to think they know better. However, do not completely shut out your own judgement – even the best of people make mistakes sometimes.

Going to mediation?

Establishing clear goals is good advice in general, but in this case the divorce lawyer works to provide you with the necessary information and offer you advice in your best interest. Most often, the aim is to avoid going to court and through a nasty and very costly divorce. Depending on every case and where possible, going to mediation. The process is something like to compare to ripping a bandage off, as it usually happens in one session during which you and your lawyer as well as your partner and their lawyer try and reach an agreement.

Divorce is never easy and it is for many a world-shattering experience. Having the right divorce lawyer through all of this might not heal the pain, but it will offer you the support you need to do it yourself.