Turning up in abroad in any legal confrontation with any kind of visa issue could be horrible experience whether you are planning for it or you are studying abroad. You may know the immigration solicitors or lawyers as helping people to get a visa of a particular country; however they do more than that. Not only the pre-visa consultancy but as working or studying in foreign country, you need to get legal advice and help to extend your visa in case you are about to end your course and planning for settle there. Any kind of visa related issue, whether it is change in type of visa, extension or document issue, a legal hand is necessary to understand the new kind of law and order system unlike your native.

What immigration solicitors actually do?

An immigration solicitor or lawyer provides legal help, consultation or advice about any person that whether he or she can get visa of certain country helps him/her for getting the work visa for specific period and ensure everything goes legally right in terms of document and procedure. In a case someone is on visa in any abroad country, he/she can hire a immigration lawyer who can assure him/her legal stay at that country without any complication.

When you need them

  1. When you want to applying for citizenship: In case, you are looking forward to apply for citizenship in any other country or applying, you will need a immigration solicitor where he/she can make complex and time taking legal procedure much easier and faster for you. He/she will help you in documentation and assisting with preparation for your citizenship tests. He can represent you in court to express your legal point of view.
  2. Immigration court, delays and issue of inadmissible : the immigration court proceedings are complicated and legal way to go on where you need a legal expertise not only to defend you but making sure of any kind of issues like delays or in case you are inadmissible.