Medical Negligence: Recognising a Case and Finding Representation

may require medical negligence lawyers

You visit the doctor to solve a problem, not to create new ones.

Regardless of experience, skill, or knowledge, making mistakes is a part of human nature. Unfortunately, when mistakes are made in a medical setting, it can be severely damaging, and if you or a loved one have been injured due to medical negligence, you should seek representation immediately.

What Is Medical Negligence?

Not to be confused with medical malpractice, which typically demands an intent by the medical professional, medical negligence refers to more “accidental” happenings in a medical setting that inadvertently harm the patient.

These mistakes can be a careless action, the omission of a particular medical procedure, or any other form of negligence that was never intended to happen in the first place.

Commonly, this happens when a doctor or nurse deviates from standard practices and what is called a “medical standard of care.”

Keep in mind that acts of medical negligence won’t always result in injury or health problems, but those that do result in physical or mental damage may require medical negligence lawyers.

Common Acts and Results of Negligence

may require medical negligence lawyers

Medical negligence can be extremely slight, such as a single surgical swab being left behind or actually left inside the patient’s body from a surgery. Something like this that is accidental but extremely harmful to the patient or his health is a perfect example of medical negligence.

Other medical negligence cases may be caused by these other issues.

Contaminations and Infections

In addition to the example given above, there is an entire world of things that can lead to a patient getting an infection, such as being given the wrong antibiotic. Infections can be extremely dangerous if left untreated, so if you are infected due to an act of medical negligence, you definitely have a case.

Any Unintended Bodily Damage

If a doctor cuts a nerve or punctures an organ by incorrectly using a scalpel or another medical tool, you may see some extreme damage.

Wrong Surgeries

Miscommunication, an unorganised medical facility, or the sheer incompetence of the doctor may even result in performing operations on the wrong body parts or the wrong patients entirely.

Anaesthesia Errors

Anaesthesiologists go through intense and lengthy training to properly administer anaesthesia, but things can still go wrong, and when they do, it can be disastrous.

What to Do If You Have a Case

You may definitely have a case if you have been injured due to a medical error, especially one that results in severe physical or mental damage.

Professional representation is your best chance at compensation and should be pursued as soon as possible. Experienced negligence lawyers have the resources to investigate your case as well as the skill to get you what you deserve.