Minor Children And Divorce: Who Gets Custody?

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When the parents decide to divorce are the children. When this happens, both parents should device that should have custody of their minor children – those who are under 18 years old. For these situations, you must hire a Houston custody lawyer because what the divorce courts are more concerned about is the well-being of your children, whether they are born naturally of adopted.

Four Types of Child Custody:

 When you are in this situation, you must know the four basic types of child custody.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sole Physical Custody. This means that children who are under 18 live with and should be under the supervision of one of the parents. The court should approve first the parent’s plan regarding the other parent’s visitation rights.

2. Joint Physical Custody. This means that each parent will have a schedule of physical custody. Both parents will have continuing contact with their children. This way, they will have balanced attention from mom and dad.

3. Sole Legal Custody. This means that only one of the parents will have the rights and responsibility when it comes to making decisions about health, education, as well as the overall welfare of their children. Even though the court will favor joint legal custody, the sole legal custody is very common when it comes to the custody arrangement. The other parent will still have visitation rights.

Law Feature

4. Joint Legal Custody. This means that both of the parents will be sharing the rights and responsibilities when making decisions about their minor children’s health, education and overall welfare. The law here is taking into consideration the best interest of the minors. This only happens when both parents make it work and can provide a workable parenting plan. However, this is not always easy to win. This would only be possible if both parents can cooperate and start to set aside all their differences.

Impact of Divorce on Children:

Every couple who are planning to divorce should know how this affects their young children. They do not have themselves only to think of. They should always consider its impact on their children, especially if they are young. Divorce will never be easy. This is an emotional challenge but it can also have a psychological effect not only to the parents but most especially to the children involved. Here’s how divorce affects children of different ages:

1. Effects on Toddlers. Even though toddlers still have the very limited cognitive ability, they will be confused about the divorce. At their very young age, they do not possess the coping skills to help them address these alterations and difficult adjustments in their lives. This is why they are more vulnerable to the emotional problems that this may bring later on in their lives.

2. Effects of School-Age Children. For children who are 6 to 12 years old, parental divorce can greatly affect their education. These kids usually have magical thinking, hoping that their parents would still get back together. Sometimes, they feel responsible not only for their parent’s separation but also for a possible reconciliation.

Children do not have an option when their parents decide to divorce. When they feel distressed, they might develop a regressive or aggressive behavior. This is why parents need to make this as smooth as possible for their children.