Reading About No Win No Fee Agreement? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Anyone who has been in an accident and got injured is entitled to an accident claim especially if the accident was caused by another party. Everyone knows about their legal right in this case but getting the needed legal help can cost you a lot. This is whats’ stopping others to fulfill their accident claims even if they know that they are not at fault during an accident.

The No Win No Fee Claim

When it comes to accident claims there are not plenty of solicitors who are willing to take your case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. But what does this really mean? The No Win No Fee means that if the solicitor or the law firm does not win the case for you, you will not have to pay for their services or legal help offered.

If you and the law firm have this agreement, it means that they are more than willing to offer you a service that covers all legal aspects of your situation. You will not have to worry about any upfront costs. The No Win No Fee solicitor will take the risk on your case and in return take the risk of failure. But if you win the case, you have to pay a ‘Success Fee.’

How ‘No Win No Fee’ Work

With this agreement with your no win no fee solicitors the claimant will expect to pay the solicitor’s fee if the ‘no win no fee’ claim will be decided on your favor. The agreed costs are usually the percentage of the awarded compensation. Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) is the document that provides the details of the said arrangement. This is a formal and legally binding agreement that is done between you and the solicitor.

First Solicitor Visit – What To Expect?

During your first visit to your solicitor to discuss the ‘No Win No Fee’ accident claim, he or she will assess the situation and go over the documents associated with the case. They will go into every detail and agree to take the case if they are almost 100% sure that you will win the case. That is because they are the ones who will take the risk and lose everything.

Again, if they do not win the case for you, you will not be liable to pay anything. This means you have nothing to lose. If they decide to take your case, every detail will be thoroughly discussed and in every step of the way. The solicitors who work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis are happy to discuss any of your concerns or the questions that you have regarding the case.

So what are you waiting for? If you have been in an accident and you know you are not at fault, do not be afraid to seek legal help. The No Win No Fee can help you win the case and get your fair claims. The solicitor will do everything to help you in order to win the case.