The Power of Attorney in Wills

The real-time power of attorney form requires a specific person (power of attorney) to make decisions on behalf of this declarant regarding medical treatment and medical care, if necessary. In addition, documents of the living will of a power of attorney may contain instructions on non-medical decisions (financial, property planning, inheritance), which should be taken in accordance with the wishes of the declarant, who can no longer manage his own affairs.

These documents, like other powers of attorney, can be long-term or have a general character.

For example, some people can simply use their willpower to confirm that they do not want to receive painkillers if an incurable disease exceeds them, and at the same time leave specific data on the type of medicine, duration of treatment, and other details. At the discretion of your doctors.

No matter how detailed or simple the power of attorney hk can be, they are important documents for all people, especially with age. The living will of the power of attorney serves to protect the interests of the declarant at a time when they cannot speak or act independently, and at the same time removes assumptions when trying to find out what they want or the intentions of the declarant. otherwise it would be.

People know, for example, those stories about weakened or comatose people who have not left a living will lawyer hong kong and whose family members are struggling with various areas of responsibility and making medical decisions, because there is no clear directive about what a loved one would like. For yourself without a living will, this can be sad in the last days.

For those who wish to fulfill the living will of the power of attorney, they must find documents that correspond to their status. Each state is different, although most documents require the same type of general information, including the choice to receive or not getting medical care to save the life, types or degrees of painkillers you want to receive, the choice of a specific doctor to manage life care, and the decision about organ donation to name just a few.


In fact, the functions of a medical power of attorney are played in conjunction with directives of a living will. Both are health directives, but a long-term power of attorney for health care is intended solely to assign someone a legal obligation to make decisions related to their medical condition or condition. You need a life will containing your instructions and wishes, including decisions about the end of life. After you have lost the ability to think or act on your own, for example, when you have fallen into a coma, this long-term power of attorney takes effect and transfers responsibility for your health and personal well-being to your agent or guardian.