Tips for Negotiating a Divorce with Your Soon-to-be Ex

It takes two to get married and then divorced too. Divorce proceedings could last forever in court in case the case is hotly contested. Fighting in court is not good for either party. It would be very costly for you both and it would take a nasty toll on children if there are any. Getting a divorce is much about talking things through just like an actual marriage. If you want a clean break from your current spouse, here is how to secure your divorce the way you want it:

Try to Talk Things Through First

The best way to get divorced is to come to a mutual set of agreements. Things like property division can be extremely difficult when presented before a judge. It’s far quicker if the two parties can agree on who gets the house, how to split up a joint retirement account, or how to parent the children following the split. Of course, this is not always easy if you are not on good speaking terms with the spouse, as it is often the case in divorces. But do try your best to amicably solve things by talking like adults. Constant fighting on the divorce case will not be helpful.

Hire the Right Lawyers to Represent You and Any Children

You will need the right divorce lawyer to represent your interests in court as well as at the negotiations table. Do your research early and hire a lawyer before signing any agreements with the soon-to-be-ex. If you have children and need to agree on custody, do hire proper family law solicitors Melbourne, Sydney, or any other local area. Australia’s family law is quite complicated since new amendments were introduced in 1975. A custody case may not be as straightforward as you might think. Therefore, you will need the right lawyers to represent interests of all parties involved parents and children.

Consider Getting a Divorce Mediator

If it’s impossible to hold down a civilized conversation with your spouse, you can consider hiring a divorce mediator to act as a go-between. A divorce mediator is not the same as a divorce lawyer. A mediator cannot offer any legal advice or handle your case in court. A mediator is someone you and your spouse can have to negotiate the divorce deal amicably. A mediator can help you both discuss things in a practical, if not friendly, manner. Keep in mind that mediators are hires by both of you to act on behalf of mutual interest. You still need a divorce lawyer to represent your best interests.

Don’t Make Rash Decisions

It’s a divorce, so understandably this is probably a very emotional time for you. However, do not let the emotions get the best of you when agreeing to the terms and conditions of the divorce. Keep a level head and make decisions after thinking them through. Do not make rash decisions that you will surely come to regret later. Be patient and it will pay off.

Last but not least, you will have to get ready to make compromises when signing the divorce. Be ready to accept the fact that you might not always get what you want. Right now, making compromises with a spouse you want to divorce may not sound like the best thing in the world, but it will be the best option in the long term.