Traffic Violations 101: The Most Common Traffic Offenses in New Jersey

Having a traffic ticket as a driver can be stressful. But of course, this will happen due to the negligence of your part. As a driver, you should be very careful on the roads to prevent unfortunate events such as accidents and other road mishaps. Sometimes, it’s not about accidents, even the capabilities of being a driver is another factor.

Below are the most common traffic offenses you need to watch out when driving at the road of New Jersey.

Traffic Violation #1: Careless Driving 

When a person drives carelessly without appropriate cautions and care which can possibly result from damage to property or can harm a person, you as a driver will be guilty of a careless driving violation. Careless driving violation is equivalent to 2 vehicle points and at the same time, fines that you need to pay.

Traffic Violation #2: Over-Speeding 

One of the most common violation is over-speeding. Over-speeding has three categories according to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Point System, depending on how much an individual is driving over a certain allowable speed limit.

  • Traveling up to 14 mph over the allowable speed limit should receive 2 points and will be appraised on the person’s driver’s license.
  • Traveling from 15-29 mph over the allowable speed limit should receive 4 points and will be appraised on the person’s driver’s license.
  • If a person exceeds a 30 mph and above, over the allowable speed limit should receive 5 points and will be appraised on the person’s driver’s license.
  • If an individual exceeds the allowable 65 mph zone to a safe corridor area and construction zone should be fine a penalty

To exercise this law, the court and the state must consider these following factors:

  • The accused was the one who operates the vehicle
  • Given the speed limit on a certain road
  • The driver violated the allowable speed limit on that road 

Traffic Violation #3: Reckless Driving 

One of the most serious traffic violation in New Jersey is reckless driving. A driver who violates this law will receive 5 motor vehicle points on their driver’s license. Plus, an individual might possibly face a fine amounting $200 and above, driver’s license can be held and has the chance to face a short sentence (jail).

Traffic Violation #4: Unsafe or Sudden Lane Change 

Unsafe or sudden lane change is the failure to follow the correct traffic lanes on the road. To make it simpler, if a road is divided by lanes marker, an individual (driver) should only change its lanes when there’s an extra space to do so.

Based on the motor vehicle point system guidelines, an unsafe or sudden lane change is equivalent to 2 points of a traffic violation to your driving license. Violating this offense has fines and penalties within $50 up to $200, and might possibly face imprisonment of 15 days.

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