What are the different kinds of lawyer’s works with specialization?

What are the different kinds of lawyer’s works with specialization

If somebody wants to sort their legal issues with the help of lawyers they go to the lawyers. The law firms include several experienced lawyers with different specialized areas. These specialized areas they choose in between their studies. Different law students choose different specialization areas according to their interests. The lawyers are also called with the name of attorneys. Most people are aware of the benefits of law study and what different kinds of lawyers are. This information will help in considering a law career. The basic education to become a lawyer is to complete a law course from a government recognized law school. They will teach you about the constitution law and ask you to choose a specialization after a certain time of the study. When completing your law you are now asked to register yourself in lawyers association, they will provide you a license for practicing. These are the common process for each lawyer but those lawyers are from different specialization so they will take only the cases of their field only. The different types of lawyers are:

Government lawyer: These lawyers are selected by the government through a specific process of selection. They worked for the government and handle the cases of the government side. They look at the cases of each government department.

Private lawyer: These lawyers do not work for the government while they worked for private firms. They also worked as a legal advisor for that company who look the entire legal problem related to the firm. These lawyers earn more in comparison with public interest lawyers. They handle all the cláusula suelo de empresas of the company.

Public interest attorney: These lawyers work to help society. They help people in sorting all their legal issues in court. They worked for the peoples who do not afford the fee of private lawyers. They put the client case in front of the court and try to win as much as possible.

Trial lawyers: They are quite different from the other types of lawyers a generally worked for the corporate law or medical sector. They are basically criminal lawyers or civil lawyers.

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Civil rights lawyer: These lawyers work for people in protecting their rights. They help them to recover the damages of their rights that have been crushed on.

Criminal lawyers: This is the most popular specialization between the law students. They are of two types on is prosecutors and other is a defence lawyer. The prosecutors work against the criminal and for the victim. While the defence lawyer works for a criminal and tries to acquit from all the charges against him. But the prosecutor work for severe punishment to the criminal.