What Qualities to Look For in a Family Law Attorney

What Qualities to Look For in a Family Law Attorney

The family law attorney you choose has an impact on the success of your case. That is why you cannot be casual in choosing a lawyer to represent you. You have to make sure that the lawyer you go to see is the right person to handle your case. There are a few qualities to look for to ensure you pick the right family law attorney.


The most important quality is the lawyer must be enthusiastic in working on your case. A passionate family law attorney will be focused on you when you tell him about your divorce circumstances. He will be attentive in listening to what you say and promptly respond with an answer when you ask a question. Some divorce cases can take months and even years to solve so you need a passionate lawyer that will not easily get bored with your case. A passionate lawyer will regularly update the client on the status of the case and he will speak in an understandable manner with the client.

Friendly Attitude

Secondly, the family law attorney must have a friendly attitude towards you. This is important as you will be working with the lawyer for a length of time until a settlement is reached. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with a lawyer that is recommended by your friend or family member. Chances are the family law attorney they recommend is going to be decent. A friendly lawyer will never walk away to talk to a client on the phone. He will be polite and talk to you in a spontaneous manner. You should feel comfortable and easy to get along with the family law attorney. Get more details on family court lawyer free consultation near me.

Proof of Specialty in the Field

The family law attorney must be experienced in the particular field of your family law case. There are many branches of family law fields including divorce, child custody, and child adoption. A lawyer that is specialized in the field will know all about the subject which allows him to handle the case more efficiently. Family laws change every now and then so it is best to hire a specialty lawyer who has the most up to date knowledge. Specialty lawyer is more expensive than a general practice lawyer but they can often produce better results for the case. Since specialty family lawyers are more experienced, they are likely to spend less time on your case and help you to save money on the lawsuit.

Proof of Experience

You can ask the specialty family law attorney to provide proof of his previous experience. Usually, the lawyer will provide references to the most recent cases they have worked on. References are more important than proof of academic qualification from a college. Ideally, you can get proof of references from a selected group of lawyers that you have compiled in your list after doing research. If the lawyer shows you qualify for a law degree, you should ask for more proof of qualifications, for example certification that he has received further training.