Why Hire A Timeshare Attorney For Timeshare Cancellation in Florida?

Why Hire A Timeshare Attorney For Timeshare Cancellation in Florida?

“What is the easiest, least stressful way to cancel my timeshare?“ This is one of the popular questions asked by the people who look to cancel their timeshare quickly without any stress. Are you one of them? Contact a timeshare attorney in Florida for the advice! It is the smart move to get you out of a tough situation. From filing necessary paperwork to seeing through the resolution of the case, they help you in each and every stage. They even help to prepare and send a timeshare letter of cancellation to the seller.

Data Cancellation Letter Include

A cancellation letter generally requires the following information:

  1. You have to give a clear explanation for cancelling the contract.
  2. The exact date when you purchased this timeshare
  3. Proper timeshare description. Remember, this description should also be in further timeshare paperwork.
  4. The timeshare firm name
  5. Your working email address, phone number, and current address.
  6. Your name mentioned in the contract
  7. The current date

When preparing a cancellation letter, everything needs to be accurate. To avoid issues, you can seek the help of a timeshare attorney.

Why Hire Timeshare Attorney in Florida?

Believe it or not, timeshare cancelation can be a painful process, especially in Florida. By hiring the best timeshare attorney in Florida, you will find a legal cause for cancellation and get help with timeshare laws. Also, as per Florida law, you can’t send a timeshare cancellation letter after the rescission is expired. Hiring a timeshare lawyer is the only option to handle the stressful situation. Research says that most people do not hire a timeshare lawyer during the rescission period and end up delaying the process, which pushes them past the rescission period. So, hiring the right timeshare attorney for timeshare cancellation in Florida before the stressful situation comes up is ideal.

Time Limit For Sending The Timeshare Contract Cancelling Letter

As per Florida law, you have to send the timeshare contract cancelling letter within ten days (given limited time for timeshare cancellation) or at least at midnight on the tenth day. Remember, Florida law strictly regulates timeshares. You can choose to cancel your timeshare contract but within the time limit given. So, be sure to hire an attorney for your timeshares cancelling process.

Additional Benefits of Hiring lawyers

  1. Negotiate on your behalf
  2. Advice on Legal Contracts
  3. Attorneys have legal authority


Are you looking to cancel the timeshare contract? Hire one of the leading timeshare attorneys in Florida!